Our Solution

Our Approach

Academy of Ultrasound, LLC believes that the field of sonography education is best served by offering quality training to people with the drive and desire to advance their education, not just to those that happen to live close to a brick and mortar sonography school.  We offer an education delivered by currently active and registered sonographers.  Instructor to student ratio's are purposefully kept low and acceptances competitive.  After completing one of our programs you will be ready to take the registry exam and prepared to start your career. 


Our Story

Academy of Ultrasound, LLC was born in 2005.  The idea began when a group of traveling sonographers decided that many of the graduates from sonography programs were ill prepared to meet the needs of actual sonography jobs.  Most had very little knowledge of pathology and limited scanning abilities.

A program was envisioned that could be effectively delivered in a distance learning format, with in person hands on scan training and clinicals.  Programs needed to be taught by actively working sonographers, to make sure the students were exposed to the most up to date skills and evaluation methods.  It was understood that the technology and use of ultrasound was changing so rapidly that the textbooks were not keeping up.


Meet the Team

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Jennifer Smith Director of Admissions

Jennifer Smith

Director of Admissions

Jennifer our marketing and administration specialist.

John Sheldon

John Sheldon BSecho,RCS,RVS,RDCS

Program Director

John has been in the cardiovascular field for 15+ years.  Currently registered in Echocardiography, Vascular and Pediatric Echocardiography.


Randall G. Hess, D.O., F.A.C.C.

Medical Director

Dr. Hess is board certified in Internal Medicine, Interventional Cardiovascular  and General Cardiology.

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