Updated for Academy of Ultrasound, LLC

Good Morning!

 I would like to take this opportunity to update those who may not already be aware of the following information.  Recently, a member of the Academy of Ultrasound staff was asked to join the review committee team for an accreditation visit to another Ultrasound school located in Los Angeles, CA.  We are honored to be participating in such an endeavor.  This is a precursor to finalizing our National Accreditation as well as  positioning the Academy one step closer to securing its CAAHEP accreditation.  Once finalized, the option of utilizing Federal Student Financial Aid should soon follow.

For any questions or request for more information on online Ultrasound/Sonography training, contact us at info@academyofultrasound.com or phone 866-867-2824.

Thank you, once again, for following our blog.