Ultrasound Student Testimonials

Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound Student Testimonials

These are some comments from our current and former students:

“Wouldn’t have gotten my RDMS in Ultrasound and RVS in Vascular ultrasound without the Academys programs”

A. Singh RDMS, RVS, Phoenix, AZ

“Very knowledable Echocardiography program.  By making the scan lab trip, I’ve improved my confidence, and my technique far above that in clinicals”

C. Saulter, Pittsburgh, PA

“The scan lab really made everything in  Echocardiography  come together for me”

E. Stambaugh, Colorado Springs, CO

“My cross over instructor for Vascular Ultrasound  was very thorough and answered all my questions.  Really helped me to understand the big picture, not just the little pieces”

B. Smith, Columbus, OH

“The academics were good, but the scan lab in Ultrasound is what sets this program apart from all others I looked at”

M. Fransisco, Las Vegas, NV