Traveling Sonographer Series: thoughts on using iE33 Matrix Echocardiography System


iE33 Echo system

Good afternoon to all sonographers and everyone interested in ultrasound industry.  I am trying out a new series that includes various situations during a traveling sonographer’s assignment.  There will be posts on cardiovascular and vascular studies as well as other diagnostic imaging information.   I may, also, occasionally comment on the protocol in the Echo lab that is expected to be followed by all echocardiographers and ultrasound technicians.

In the video, link above, the discussion is about using the iE33 Matrix Echocardiography system in performing Echocardiography and Vascular exams.

I look forward to sharing the most exciting Cardiac sonography  studies with you.

Feel free to add comments and share videos with any and everyone via social media, email, etc.

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