Traveling sonographer series: the use of difinity during Echocardiography exam


In above video, the sonography update involves the use of difinity contrast while performing cardiovascular exams. On this day, while completing an Echocardiography assignment at a hospital in Hawaii, difinity contrast was used in 2 different echo studies.

In one study, where the patient was quite large, the use of difinity enabled echocardiographer to find a left ventricular thrombus. In second study, where the patient was quite small and had tiny rib spaces with sub-optimal imaging windows of the left and right atria, using difinity and 3-D TEE – found abnormality in left atria. In both of these cases, without the use of difinity, the abnormalities may have gone undiagnosed.

If your facility is not using this method, you might want to mention and discuss possibility with the Echocardiography; sonography and ultrasound supervisors and staff members. The chance of finding cardiac abnormalities are significantly increased with using this method.

Please comment on your thoughts about this method; whether you have used it in performing echo studies and your experience as a cardiac sonographer. Also, share with your colleagues and FaceBook (Twitter, etc..) friends to show them what you see in you career as a sonographer.

Thanks, again, to the Academy of Ultrasound.

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