New Healthcare Reform’s affect on Allied Health Professions

Recently, With Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill being signed into law, there are concerns over what this means  for the Allied Health Profession.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry will be providing the greatest number of jobs over the next ten years. 

Now that the “baby boomers” are reaching their “Golden Years,” the demand for trained healthcare professionals will be at its highest.  This influx in the older population results in an increase in other Allied Health areas such as Diagnostic Imaging, Medical records, and IT jobs that are most critical to the system.

According to SDMS News Wave,January 2010, there will be some fundamental changes occurring for the American Healthcare system.  These change include:

  1. Strong concern for Cost-effective diagnostic technology
  2. Renewed interest in the “least invasive” approach to diagnostic medicine
  3. Preferences for the most clinically efficacious, yet cost-effective diagnostic tools


With the aforementioned issues being a driving force behind reform(as cited by SDMS News Wave, January 2010) sonography acknowledges its unparalleled position within the field of medical imaging to take advantage of its fundamental aspects:

  • Clinical efficacy
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Non-ionizing
  • Real-time adjustability

Sonographers are most likely to benefit from being at the ‘right place, at the right time’ as the healthcare changes take hold within the healthcare system and the medical community.

According to, the health care industry has added more than 500,000 jobs since the start of the recession…

The healthcare support industry (such as physical therapists, physical therapists assistants, medical social workers, and home health aides) will experience a 48% growth…

Health care is forecasted to remain a key source of job growth, especially in areas such as medical records and health information technicians, registered nurses, and clinical laboratory technicians…..

Health care dominates as the fastest growing field…

…All good news for those interested in a health care career!

We will keep continue monitoring the information available on this issue as becomes accessible.

Please, feel free to comment on ANY news you may have about the impact of the new bill on Allied Health careers and Thank you for your support by following this blog.

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