Hello world! Sonography training is Changing

Welcome to the new Academy of Ultrasound blog.  We are trying to change the world with a new and innovative method of training sonographers. 

That is complete didactic ultrasound training online, through reading assignments, virtual meetings with instructors, and podcasts.  Combined with this unique sonography training method, for ultrasound, we also add another unique feature and that is hands on echocardiography or vascular ultrasound training brought to you. 

Our working echocardiographers and vascular sonographers serve as our scan lab instructors.  By utilizing experienced traveling sonographers to teach our hands on portion, you are getting real world ultrasound experience, with the newest ultrasound machines, not just out of date theory and equipment.

After you complete all this sonography training, you will then enter the clinical portion of your schooling.  This clinical training can be completed at a facility in your local area.

The bottom line:  Academy of Ultrasound has devised an ultrasound program that utilizes experienced sonographers along with state of the art ultrasound equipment for their training.  This alone would place them in the upper end of the ultrasound programs available to allied health students today.  When you combine this training with online courses, scan labs that come to your local area, and clinicals being performed locally, you get a program that is starting a revolution in ultrasound training.  The benificiary of all this is not just those students looking to get into this top 10 fieldbut the employers that are getting some of the best trained and field ready echocardiographers and vascular sonographers available today.

Follow along with us for future updates, about Ultrasound training and other issues affecting sonography practitioners.


John Sheldon RVS RCS